Embark your salon on its journey to a more sustainable future with Green Salon Collective

To support the Professional Hair Industry on their sustainability journey, L'Oréal launched 'Hairstylists For The Future' a robust programme that enables salons and stylists to have a greater positive affect on the environment across 5 key pillars of sustainability. The programme provides tools and education to allow hair professionals to embark on their journey with confidence. 

One of our sustainable guiding principles is ‘Preserving Natural Resources’. Common salon items such as hair, foil and colour tubes traditionally can’t be recycled. Now there is a truly sustainable business that turns salon waste into meaningful wins, thanks to our partner Green Salon Collective, who transform sustainability within our industry by finding circular solutions to waste. 

Recycle the Traditionally Unrecyclable

Founded by environmental experts, hairdressers & eco campaigners, they are the original authority on salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland. ​

They recycle, compost and recover waste, with 100% of any profit made from the recycling process getting redistributed and recycled too by supporting hairdressing charities & local communities.

With Green Salon Collective's recycling system, they will recycle almost every single piece of salon waste and turn it in to something new.

Hair is recycled into hair booms for absorbing water and oil spills at sea, or hair mats for gardening and composting. 

Salon metals are thoroughly cleaned and sold to specialist metal recyclers. The profits made from the commodity goes to charity. 

Green Salon Collective work with Precious Plastic (alternative plastic recycling system) machines to create new items.

Paper and coffee cups are sent to specialist paper mills, turned into pulp which is then used to make new paper. 

All salon waste, including PPE, will be converted into clean energy that will directly power the UK National Grid. Nothing goes to landfill.

How Does It Work?​

1. Registration

All you need is a one time registration kit which comes with bins, bin bags, marketing tools & a listing on the salon locator. 

2. Recycle

When your kit arrives, you can start filling your bins with hair, metal, plastic etc. Once full, empty into your pre-paid returns box.


3. Collection

When your pre-paid box is full, let Green Salon Collective know & they’ll collect it the following day. The salon can then order another returns box.

General Waste to Energy collections are scheduled weekly at your convenience. 

Member Benefits​

Recycle the Traditionally Unrecyclable: ​

Turn your waste into energy or give it a new life.​

Attract New Clients: ​

Your community will recognise you as an environmental salon.​

Education & Events: ​

Members can attend GSC events for free.​

Marketing Tools: ​

Salons are provided with a Green Bible and Marketing Tools for both in-salon & online, including a Salon Total Waste Certificate.

No Set Fees: ​

You pay as you go.​

Making a Difference: ​

All profits raised from selling commodities goes to several selected charities. GSC also plant a tree for every returns box purchased.​

Make Sustainable Change This EARTH DAY

To mark Earth Day this April, we are supporting zero waste to landfill by offering a £100 voucher to redeem on Green Salon Collective towards your Full Starter Kit or Returns Box* with every purchase made on L’Oréal Partner Shop from 4th April-4th May.

Take sustainable steps forward and help to have a greater positive impact on the environment by redeeming against a Full Starter Kit or if you're already signed up, put it towards a returns box. If you place an order by the 17th April, you will also receive a FREE ticket to the Green Salon Collective exclusive Earth Day virtual event on 19th April**

Full Promotion Terms & Conditions

*Receive £100 Green Salon Collective voucher when you spend minimum £75.00 on any LPPD order online at L’Oréal Partner Shop from 00.01 on 04.04.2022 - 23:59 on 04.05.2022. Once your order is placed online with L’Oréal Partner Shop you will receive an email including your Green Salon Collective voucher to the value of £100/€120 which can only be redeemed via the Green Salon Collective website: www.greensaloncollective.com . Voucher can only be used towards a Green Salon Collective Starter Kit or Returns Box. One redemption per customer. All vouchers will expire if not used by 23.59 on 31.07.2022. There is a maximum redemption of 2,000, if maximum redemption is reached, but you have not yet redeemed, your voucher will no-longer be valid. UK and ROI residents and 16+ only.


**Receive a complimentary ticket to the Green Salon Collective Earth Day Night (virtual) event when you spend minimum £75.00 on any LPPD order online at L’Oréal Partner Shop from 00.01 on 04.04.2022 – 23.59 on 17.04.2022. For any order placed online with L’Oréal Partner Shop in accordance with these terms and conditions, you will receive an email with a Zoom link for the Green Salon Collective Earth Day Night (virtual) event on 19 April 2022 starting at 7pm. One redemption per customer. UK and ROI residents and 16+ only.