Metal Detox, L’Oréal Professionnel’s biggest haircare innovation in years, has taken the pro market by storm.

Below we are proud to present some innovative ideas as to how you can boost your business with Metal Detox.

Lisa in Zinc Hair & Beauty & Vice President of the Irish Hairdressers Federation.

Using Metal Detox for us has been a no- brainer as an additional service, as clients want this just as much as stylists do . The follow on retail sales are also brilliant .

Clients are not only enjoying the brighter and more vivid colour results, they are noticing how much softer their hair feels as minerals really leave the hair so dry and brittle.

Its been a game changer and a solution to a huge problem we have had for years in the industry , Its such an easy system to use and doesn’t eat into salon appointment time and as we all know .. time is money!


Paul Hession

Metal Detox is a game changer.

We are getting fantastic results from it-our colours are looking and lasting better. It’s so easy to recommend to clients because it actually works clients and colourists see results immediately. 

Metal Detox is now part of our colour/highlighting services.

Siobhan McGrath

Metal Detox is amazing!! Areas of Galway have long suffered with “bad water” chemicals or pollutants in the water have had a massive adverse reaction on colour and highlighted hair for years.

Metal Detox has been a God-send. No more cleansing out green hue, just Detox and done, amazing colour and condition results. One of L’Oréal’s greatest launches yet!

Petals Westport

Metal Detox has positively impacted our salon immensely. As stylists we get such great results from using this treatment. Our clients also notice the benefits of us using it in the salon. It's great to see the results instantaneously. Hair is visibly glossier & shiner after one use.

Our clients always comment on their hair after using Metal Detox. They love how their hair feels after using it and they always comment on the beautiful scent of the product.

Being from the West of Ireland, we unfortunately have very hard water and because of this our clients hair colour can become dull quite quickly. The Metal Detox treatment is excellent for this reason. Clients love being able to use something at home that counteracts the minerals in the water and also love the in salon treatment as they can instantly notice the difference in their hair.

Norma Jean owner of The Room in Sandymount in Dublin

Metal detox, has been amazing. The minute I approach my blonde hair clients I no longer worry. I have complete confidence in metal detox. I instantly know I have the perfect tool in my tool box for clients that have a mineral build up or dull lifeless blonde hair.


The fact that it doesn’t affect the time on my clients service is just a winner and a great upsell.


Clients are loving the results and when posted on social media the phone lights up. It’s easy and straightforward to use.