Get the Expensive-Looking Hair From Liquid Colour

What is Expensive-Looking Hair? 

Expensive-looking hair is the technique of the moment with celebrities worldwide upgrading their look with rich, dimensional and glossy colour. Redken Advocate Conor Doyle states ‘Long gone are days of same again, root and ends’ with clients opting for enhancing their natural colour with luminous dimension, radiance and warmth. There’s only one way to achieve that ultra-shiny, deeply rich, healthy-looking color everyone’s looking for, cue Redken Liquid Color. 

What is Liquid Color?

Redken’s iconic duo, Shades EQ Gloss & Color Gels Lacquers deliver all the gloss, blend and shine, all the time. The unique liquid texture will help you achieve fluid, lived-in tones that can be custom-blended for every client and every color. ​

Want to try Expensive-Looking Hair in your salon?

Watch + learn dimensional techniques from the Redken Advocate Network that will leave your clients feeling like a million bucks​.


Greige Curl Enhancing Balayage 

Claire @clhair__

Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20vol Pro Oxide  ​

Zone 1 – Shades EQ Bonder Inside 07AG + Processing Solution​

Zone 2 – Shades EQ Bonder Inside 07AG + 09AG + Processing Solution​

Zone 3 - Shades EQ Bonder Inside 09AG + Processing Solution​

Caramel Drip Sunlights

Jack Baxter @jackbaxter

Subtle sunlights around face: Flash Lift Bonder Inside

+ 20 vol Pro Oxide ​

Gloss: Shades EQ Bonder Inside 15g 010AG 

+ 30g 09GB + 15g  09AA​


Liquid Gold Blonde Balayage

Carla Rose @carlarosehair

Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 10vol (back) 20 vol (side) & 30 vol (top) Pro Oxide  ​

Low Lights: Shades EQ 15g 09NB + 7g 07N + 7g 08N​

Gloss: Shades EQ 10g 09NB + 10g 09N + 5g 09AA + 010WG​

Front Hairline: Shades EQ Bonder Inside 10g 010NB + 10g Crystal Clear 

High-end Greige Bronde

Vicki @vikiscissorhands

Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 10vol Pro Oxide  ​

Low Light: Shades EQ 06N + 06WG + dot of 05N + Processing Solution​

Root Shadow: Shades EQ Bonder Inside equal parts 07AG + 07N + Processing Solution​

Gloss: Shades EQ Bonder Inside 010WG + Processing Solution

Glossy Griege Balayage 

Andrew Thomas Jones @hairbyandrewthomasjones

Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20 vol Pro Oxide  ​

Low Lights: Shades EQ 08GG + Processing Solution​

Roots: Shades EQ Bonder Inside 07AG + 08N + Processing Solution​

Global Gloss: Shades EQ Bonder Inside 60ml 010AG + 40ml Crystal Clear + Processing Solution​

Golden Hour Blonde Face Frame

Tia @tialambourn_hair

Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20 vol Pro Oxide ​

Low light: Shades EQ 30g 07GB + 5g 08GG + Processing Solution​

Root Shadow: Shades EQ equal parts 07N +  07GB + Processing Solution​

Hair Line Root shadow: Shades EQ equal parts 08N + 09GB + Processing Solution​

Front Hair Line: Shades EQ Bonder Inside equal parts 010NW + 010G + Processing Solution​

Warm Nectar Blonde Tip-out

Emily Mander @emilymanderhair

Zone 1: Shades EQ 60g 05N +30g 06NB + Processing Solution​


ABC Shampoo & Conditioner​

Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20 vol Pro Oxide. - Usual placement / textured wave​

Global Gloss: Shades EQ Bonder Inside 30g 010WG + 30g 09AA + 10g 010AG​